If you have more or less everything for the baby, now it's time to think about packing the future mother's suitcase.

At Babyshower we do not consider ourselves to be "experts" but as the whole team has already accumulated 8 maternity wards ... we have learned something along the way ...

Here we explain in broad lines what you will need. Many of the things are more technical than the products we work with and you will not find them on this website.

Nursing nightgown: 2 or 3 depending on the nights you are going to spend in the hospital. They are also comfortable to wear during the last days of pregnancy and are designed to be able to breastfeed.
Robe or shawl because you are going to receive visitors, you are going to want to get out of bed and you will not be stoned to be seen in your nightgown ... We have a discreet model, with a neutral look and a good price. We recommend them!
Slippers: to avoid walking barefoot around the room and through the hospital corridors.
Comfortable and easy to put clothes on when leaving the hospital: think that even if the baby has already come out the tummy does not disappear in 2 days !!!
Disposable underwear: not the sexiest thing in the world but we are sorry to say that you will need them! There are hospitals that can offer you but just in case, buy some at the pharmacy.
Nursing bra: plan around 3 bras, especially if you plan to breastfeed for a long time.
Nursing pads: another one of those strange things that will become indispensable if you breastfeed together with nursing bras.
Compresses for childbirth: another of the things that gives the most laziness but that are necessary ... we will not go into details, just say that you have them in the pharmacy.
Toiletry bag with what is important so that you look pretty! Important: conditioner, resting your head on a pillow for a long time, tangles your hair!

Basically this would be a list of essentials but you can think of many more things!

And, as a friend may have explained to you, don't paint your nails before delivery! It seems silly but during childbirth it may be necessary to have the nail color checked. If you wear them painted "passion red" they may make you remove the enamel ...