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16,00 €
Winged teether made in silicone and gauze cotton fabric that provides soothing oral and tactile stimulation. Helps relieving the baby's sore gums.

18,50 €
The lightest and most comfortable swaddle for good weather. Made of 100% cotton gauze with Organic certificate.

27,00 €
To help you change your baby's diaper anywhere. It's bigger than most standard changing pads. Once it's rolled up. it takes up very little space in your bag. It has foamy padding and the inside is plastic coated. Velcro closure.
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6,50 €
Babyclip de rana 4 cm sobre el que hemos colocado un lazo plano redondeado tipo "pajarita" elegante y contemporáneo. Medida adaptada al tamaño de la cabeza del bebé. Venta unitaria.

5,00 €
Babyclip de rana 4 cm con una pluma sencilla y muy "stylish". Medida adaptada al tamaño de la cabeza del bebé. Venta unitaria.

6,50 €
Babyclip de rana 4 cm sobre el que hemos colocado un lacido ultra-femenino y blandito. Medida adaptada al tamaño de la cabeza del bebé. Venta unitaria.

19,50 €
Saquito personalizado con inicial para colgar de la cuna y poder guardar y encontrar facilmente chupetes y mini-biberones.
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43,50 €
Suspensión para el techo, ideal para decorar la cuna y dar un toque muy dulce a todo el conjunto. Se compone de 5 piezas: 4 estrellas y 1 luna.

90,00 €
Crib liner for 70 x 140 cm. cm cribs. Made in 100% organic certified coton.

81,00 €
Crib liner for 60 x 120 cm cribs. Made in 100% organic certified coton.
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29,00 €
Ideal storage basket for cosmetic products and more. It allows you to keep everything at hand while simultaneously adding a decorative touch to the bathroom or bedroom. Exterior in plain cotton fabric. Plastic coated interior. Lightly padded for extra rigidity. 

19,00 €
A cool way to keep warmed head & ears. Fleece Babyturban available in two cotton powder shades. With an elastic band in the back to adjust to the baby's head.

22,00 €
100% cotton fitted bottom sheet for the Bugaboo mat or our moses bassinet. Elastic band for more comfort.

45,60 € 76,00 €
Spring cocoon designed for baby carriers and strollers. Interior in extra soft cotton knit and exterior in 100% cotton muslin. Softly padded. Closes with ribbons in the upper part of the cocoon. The bottom part of the spring angel closes with zipper. With adorable bunny ears that make this spring angel nest fun and playful.

36,00 €
The Babyshower vision of the traditional spanish toquilla" swaddle. Wrap your baby in our semicircular swaddle and it's big ruffle.Use it also as a summer blanket. Made of double cotton gauze.

125,00 € 143,00 €
Gift basket for baby or newborn. Fast delivery. In this super briefcase we have put a careful selection of products with fabrics combinethe doble gauze fabric Grey Powder with our favorite little star Grey on Grey:
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