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35,90 €
10 wooden blocks in fun colours. Each block is numbered from 1-10 with corresponding symbols on the sides. Block “number 4” has 4 rectangles painted on the sides. Number eight - an octagon. And block number 7 has seven stripes. Use them to stack, build, play, count and practise numbers and shapes

24,50 €
In Bashful Silver Bunny’s warren, everything is silver! Their soft bed, their teapot, even their tea is Earl Grey! But it’s such a pretty colour, it’s understandable. Their cuddly silver tummy is deliciously soft and their long lop ears are too fluffy not to tickle!

139,00 €
This adorable rocking animal toy from Kids Concept is super comfy and has a sturdy wooden base and handles, making it fun and safe to ride.

25,50 €
Fancy Swan loves playing princesses in her glorious golden crown and shoes! Her perky cream wings and long neck and legs are perfect for going on parade! With a beautiful detailed soft beak and flouncy tutu in soft vanilla mesh, she's every inch the royal sweetie. Give her queen-sized cuddles!

16,00 €
Tumbling into view like a scoop of strawberry ice cream, it’s the Bashful Pink Bunny Rattle! Our roly-poly bunny always wants to play, her soft pink ears waggling in excitement. Her favourite game is Musical Bumps, because when she sits down she rattles! Give this sweetie a snuggle.

41,50 €
This lovely Neo Bead Frame Toy from Kid’s Concept is both fun and educational. Helping to improve hand eye coordination, watch your little one push, pull and play with the multi-coloured beads and characters.When they are finished learning and playing, this brilliant bead toy also makes a stylish decorative addition to their bedroom. MEASURES: 17 x 18 x...

48,00 €
Colourful wooden train with 2 detachable carriages. Including 2 detachable carriages and 5 animal figures, they can pick up their adorable passengers and embark on exciting adventures together.

22,00 €
Learn how to put them in size order on the bendable base. Develops hah-eye coordination and perception skills. 6 different sized wooden rings in mixed colors.

12,80 € 16,00 €
Come out of your shell with this chipper chick!

13,00 €
Búho sonajero de la marca Jellycat

16,00 €
Syllabub Swan Pink Rattle has the sweetest powder-pink beak and feet. Cloudy-cute, this little cygnet is ready to play and make hearts flutter. Turn him about to hear gentle rattles and hear the giggles start! His fancy long neck, cuddly tail and sticky-out wings mean he's holdable, huggable and unforgettable.

21,50 €
Peluche Jumble Elephant con su jersey azul oscuro para protegerse del viento y acurrucarse contra la nieve. Puedes sentarlo en cualquier estante o que acompañe a tu bebé en la cuna.

18,00 €
Cordy Roy Baby Monkey Jitter is raring to go and show his moves! This silly billy has the coolest cordy fur, in reddy-brown and peachy pink. Pull him down to make him jitter and shake. He loves to entertain! And with sticky-out ears and a springy cordy tail, he's a cuddly, kind and colourful pal.  From the English brand Jellycat. IN STOCK

12,00 € 16,00 €
Size: 12 cm. In stock.

18,00 €
Rumply and lovely, Cordy Roy Baby Elephant Jitter is such a treat for tots to grab. Soft and scrummy, with beautiful details, this hare's ears will turn tears to chuckles. Pop her onto the cot at bedtime, give a pull and watch her jiggle! She's safe and snuggly for any baby, with fur so splendidly tickly to touch. IN STOCK

18,00 €
Cordy Roy Baby Fox Jitter is full of giggles and ready to wriggle. This tawny tyke can't wait to make friends with babies in buggies and tots in cots. Little paws can grab and tug to set him dancing a fox jitterbug! His orange-cream fur has terrific texture and he has stitched eyes for safety, so he's great to snuggle as well! In stock.

33,00 €
Bolsa para llevar a la guardería y de paseo con inicial

16,00 €
Rattlering Giraffe is all smiles as it jingles across the savannah. Just the right size for little hands to hold, and with its suedey brown fur and ropey mane, this rustic Rattlering is ready to ding!

4,90 €
Personaliza cualquier cosa con nuestra inicial. Inicial confeccionada en lino por ambos lados. Con una cinta en crudo para que puedas colgarlo de cualquier complemento que quieras personalizar. Disponible en 3 tonos de lino.

18,00 €
The Duffie Dino Jitter is gorgeous softly, and just right for little hands to grab hold of. Soothingly neutral in greens and creams, it's great for boys and girls alike. Watch dizzy Duffie shimmy about whenever the Jitter is pulled! A push through the park becomes a dino adventure, with this beautiful, battery-free bopper! IN STOCK

18,00 €
Rumply and lovely, Cordy Roy Baby Hare Jitter is such a treat for tots to grab. Soft and scrummy, with beautiful details, this hare's ears will turn tears to chuckles. Pop her onto the cot at bedtime, give a pull and watch her jiggle! She's safe and snuggly for any baby, with fur so splendidly tickly to touch. IN STOCK

34,00 €
Saquito personalizado con inicial para colgar de la cuna y poder guardar y encontrar facilmente chupetes y mini-biberones.

14,00 €
Cardboard case and handles and metal clasp. It is perfect for storing and ordering small toys, pencils, stickers or anything you can think of. Three sizes available and each size is printed in 1 pastel color. 

18,00 €
The Cordy Roy Baby Elephant Soother brings snuffly snuggles for sleepy calves. Bonny and funny in blue and vanilla, this jolly elly is a buddy, toy and pillow! Whether Baby is napping or playing, they'll have a flopsy-friendly cordy companion.

75,23 € 88,50 €
A perfect basket gift with MINT tones.

18,00 €
Cocoa and caramel rolled into one - the Cordy Roy Baby Monkey Soother is simply irresistable. Just the right size for Baby to hold and a welcome companion on any trip out, he's soft, silly and simply scrummy. From his cordy arms to his cloudy tum, he's a blankie, a binky and a best friend in one. IN STOCK.

71,83 € 84,50 €
A perfect basket gift with MINT tones.

16,00 €
Conejito de peluche de color crudo con detalle de estrellas plata en las orejas.

118,58 € 139,50 €
A perfect basket gift with sunset tones.

92,65 € 109,00 €
A perfect basket gift with blue tones.

21,00 €
Keep your maternity bag organised. with every change of clothes prepared for the hospital. Exterior in the linen or cotton chosen fabric. Plaited linen string for closing with a bow.

18,00 €
A rusty-red ranger who just loves to cuddle, that's Cordy Roy Baby Fox Soother! Fluffy and funny with a big creamy tummy, he keeps arms open wide for any snoozer. Just the pressie to help explore texture, this cinnamon cub is hard to put down. And for those of you worried about foxy cunning, he's on his best behaviour!
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117,00 € 135,00 €
In this super basket we have put a careful selection of our favorite products. Is composed of: 100% LINEN MOON CUSHION. SET OF 3 MINI-TOWELS. DOUDOU FOX POCHETTE DIAPERS. 2 BIB DOCUMENT HOLDER. CARDBOARD SUITCASE.

18,00 €
It's time for a real fairytale heroine. Jellycat's Petronella the Pig Princess is pink, pudgy and perfect! Smart and squashy with a cool silver crown, she deserves a royal welcome. Petronella has neat stitched hooves, a springy tail and bright black eyes, as well as those gorgeous foldy-soft ears.

78,20 € 92,00 €
It's a perfect baby gift for this Xmas!

19,00 €
Pink animals wooden cube, a cute knob puzzle for the little ones. The puzzle is made of wood and the 8 pieces representing cute animals from the forest.