foto by Val Favier julio 2021

Creating a brand from scratch, and without experience in the field, is like doing a Master of Management in a brutal style. For a Chemical Engineer, who comes from the cosmetics Industry, switching to sewing has been a triple somersault. Without Marta, my ex-partner and great friend, we would not be here. But this path is 10 years old and I suppose it deserves to be explained a little bit ... How to explain what Babyshower is without thanking all the people who have been part of the impulse of this adventure? From our children who taught us how beautiful the expectation of pregnancy can be, to the pattern designers who made us the first samples to our workshops in Barcelona who spend the day "putting out fires" and managing emergencies. This brand of Baby Basket would not be what it is without the team behind it and the local suppliers of infinite patience and great professionalism. We make baby textile accessories and decoration. We are focused on the Basket! That strange list you have to have ready to go to the hospital. We are neither too modern nor too traditional. How lucky you are to prepare the basket now that there are so many styles and good taste in the baby world. I had to fight between the soft pink and the sky blue ... Where do we get inspiration and knowledge to develop our products? A bit of the experience of my three pregnancies, a bit of what the younger and more knowledgeable clients explain to us and a bit of what comes out when we put imagination into it. I hope that in this brand you will find things that make you add more enthusiasm, if possible, to the magical stage of preparing your baby's nest. My only advice: Do not stress, in the end nothing is essential and even if you do not have all of them or what they explain you need, the baby will be just as handsome!